Welcome to a page where you can hear the sermons of Dr. T. Ryan Jackson, Sr. Pastor of The Capital Church in Garner, NC.  For now, you will have to click on each part of the 4 part sermon.  Later, I'll string the files together so that you can just click once to hear the sermon.  You can choose Windows Media Player or Real Audio Player.  If you save all four (4) files in the Windows Media Library, the media player will play them in sequential order (my poor man's solution). 

Sunday, July 19 "Delight Yourself in the Lord"  Psalm 37:4

Windows Media Player

Part 1  http://www.e-truth.org/PastorRyanJackson/01%20Track%201.wma

Part 2  http://www.e-truth.org/PastorRyanJackson/02%20Track%202.wma

Part 3  http://www.e-truth.org/PastorRyanJackson/03%20Track%203.wma

Part 4  http://www.e-truth.org/PastorRyanJackson/04%20Track%204.wma


Real Audio Player

Part 1  http://www.e-truth.org/PastorRyanJackson/01%20-%20Track%201.ra

Part 2  http://www.e-truth.org/PastorRyanJackson/02%20-%20Track%202.ra

Part 3  http://www.e-truth.org/PastorRyanJackson/03%20-%20Track%203.ra

Part 4  http://www.e-truth.org/PastorRyanJackson/04%20-%20Track%204.ra



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